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Child Haven International is making a difference in the lives of over 1,000 children
Category: Social Development | By Editor, 8-Nov-2012 | Viewed 4865  Comments 0
There is a force in the universe that causes children to be excited about learning. You can see it in their faces at the Child Haven Orphanage & School. While visiting Kathmandu several Trekkers from the 2012 Rotarian Base Camp Tour visited the Child Haven Orphanage & school to see how we could help. There, every effort was being made to be self sufficient plus to aid in self-sufficiency the school opens its classrooms to paying students. Night soil is collected and processed in a digester to create methane gas for the kitchen's cooking stoves.  In fact one of the most enduring scenes involved school graduates having reached a mature age and desiring to give back, have returned to the orphanage on a volunteer basis to help with younger students.

While other requests for funding were considered including a pedal powered battery recharging system for the Soya Cow as well as a funding request for a gymnasium quality roof level additional floor, in the end the Trekkers took on raising $7,800 to fund, three of the possible improvements. On the list, the replacement of the water reservoir (cost $5,000) was deemed necessary as the existing pumps couldn't keep up to the demand for water on an instantaneous basis. If the tank were refurbished (enlarged) however, it could be filled over non-peak demand times  Secondly an allotment for the acquisition of solar water heating panels was decided upon so 319_741044945_4.jpg
that the water temperature could be regularized, making winter bathing more appealing. The third portion of funding identified as worthwhile was for school ceiling air-circulation fans which could be used during the hot summers to provide modest relief to the students. The last two items totaled $2,800 for a grand total of $7,800. Please review the attached Funding Application to see more details leading up your potential donation.

Child Haven International - http://www.childhaven.ca/

Open the Child Haven Funding Application for Rotary Clubs - one-page summary.


Open the detailed Child Haven Funding Summary

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