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Telemedicine - The way of treating medically disadvantage poor in the Philippines
Category: Healthcare | By Editor, 5-Nov-2012 | Viewed 3865  Comments 0
While visiting in the Philippines, Past Rotary District Governor Steve Rickard met with Dr. Cecilia Del Castillo executive director of Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation and past president of the Bacolod West Rotary Club. Negros, an island in the Philippines, was particularly hard hit by fluctuating sugar prices and in 1984 Cecilia set up NWTF to bring local economic and community development to the nearly one quarter of a million unemployed sugar workers. While there Steve heard NWTF's Raymond Serios speak with passion and commitment about the Telemedicne project he is coordinating. 

Using Android phones containing cameras and simplified data collection programs a patient's symptoms can be captured and analyzed by doctors, bringing some of the best medical minds to microcredit clients and their families that would otherwise receive the minimum of treatment.

Of significance was that by employing this successful technology in new areas (through the network of NWTF microcredit branch offices), the chances of practical and effective deployment of Telemedicine in the Philippines were enhanced. This is relevant due to the absence of any medical care for sixty percent of the Filipino poor. 

While the NWTF is an established microfinance institution focusing on placing working capital in the hands of the poor, it partners with others who are interested in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of health care through innovative use of technology. Branch managers regularly interact with as many as thousands of borrowers and their family members. Affixing the logic of a successful illness mitigation technique with the strength of the NWTF network of branch offices provides feedback and an enhanced likelihood of a successful Telemedicine project. 

Recognizing the desire, especially amongst new Rotarians to be part of the excitement of implementing modern technologies, Steve asked for and received from NWTF the attached submission for  funding. The compiled document provides the role of the partners, a cost breakdown, possible funding sources and reporting techniques. 

A donation will trigger regular reporting to you on the evolution of this type of cost effective and efficient health care giving system. Who wouldn't want to be part of a technology based system which has exponential growth potential amongst the poor, typical of the microcredit movement.

Download the one-page overview here.

Download the NWTF Comprehensive Grant Application - CWRC - 11 Oct 2012

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