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Update: Microcredit Growing in Southwestern Alberta
Category: Microcredit | By Editor, 11-Oct-2012 | Viewed 2449  Comments 0
Microcredit is famous for creating economic opportunity for those in need in the poorest areas of the world, but has also shown that it can be an effective anti-poverty strategy in our own communities.

A new non-profit organization, the Southwest Alberta Community Loan Fund, was officially founded in November 2010 with the purpose of working with local low-income entrepreneurs to build pathways out of poverty through microcredit. 

The SWACLF is pleased to announce its latest (and second) program, the Rural Entrepreneurship Fund!  This microcredit program for local low-income entrepreneurs is the result of a partnership with the Lethbridge Community Foundation.  The Rural Entrepreneurship Fund will offer microloans ($500 to $5,000 in size) to rural low-income entrepreneurs living outside the city of Lethbridge, as well as ongoing mentoring as they work to build a successful business.  As part of this work, we are always looking for volunteers willing to mentor low-income entrepreneurs or otherwise get involved in our work.

To find out more about the SWACLF and our work, including the possibility of having them give a presentation to your Rotary club, visit their website at http://www.swaclf.org and/or contact StevePedersen, SWACLF President, by email at steve@swaclf.org.
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