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Ripple Effect wins coveted selection as
Category: Education | By RotaryGlobal, 1-Aug-2012 | Viewed 4658  Comments 0
Pictured l to r: Gord LeMaistre, Deb LeMaistre, Georges LaRoche, Guatemalan Ambassador to Canada
Ripple Effect - Guatemala, District 5550's signature project has just been informed that it has been selected to be one of eight "service spot-light projects featured at the 2012-13 Zone 24/32 Institute."

This year's Zone 24/32 Institute takes place in Vancouver BC and runs from October 18-21st 2012 in Vancouver BC. It includes a GETS, Governor Nominee Seminar and Governor's Seminar as part of the pre-institute program. It also offers a Zone Foundation Seminar, District Trainers Seminar and a Zone Membership Seminar. All past officers, district committee chairs and interested Rotarians may register for the seminars. There is also a COL (Council on Legislation) seminar to be held for COL delegates, alternates and all interested Rotarians.

Forty-nine submissions to be considered for a "service spotlight" profile were received. This means the Debra and Gord LeMaistre of the Kenora club must create a dynamic, high energy and motivational creatively-oriented multi-media presentation of 7-9 minute duration on Ripple Effect for a plenary session. It is to be submitted no later than September 26th.

They will also be able to put up a display at the Zone's House of Friendship.

Rotary Zone 24 & 32
Rotary Zone 24 & 32 stretches from the Ural Mountains of Russia in the west to the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador in the east extending into the American States of the Northeastern USA as well as other territories along the CanAm border. One exception is the area north of Lake Superior to the Arctic. It also includes the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon territories of France plus Bermuda.
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