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Nepal Solar Passive Greenhouse Pilot Project
Category: Food | By RotaryGlobal, 3-Jul-2012 | Viewed 7209  Comments 0
My name is Tom Wagner, a PhD Civil Engineer from Stanford University (1975), green building consultant, who designed and built a solar passive house in 1982 in Palo Alto, CA.

I have been trekking in Nepal for the last four years and have grown very attached to this country, its people, and its problems.  While trekking in Tibet 2 years ago in October, I saw thermal mass greenhouses where all the fresh vegetables for Tibet are grown during the winter.

Afterwards I then trekked to Everest Base Camp and started to think about bringing the Tibetan greenhouse technology to the high altitude villages of Nepal so they could grow vegetables year round, thus augmenting their limited diets and providing income generation opportunities.

I've been exploring this idea for 2 years with many local people, NGOs, government officials, guest house owners in 2 areas- Khumbu and Humla Districts and have identified a need I believe I could fill with some collaborative partnerships.

This idea has evolved into a vision and a passion where now I have put together an international collaborative project team composed of a French NGO (GERES) who have a very successful program building 700 similar type thermal mass greenhouses and solar passive houses in Ladakh India, a Nepalese NGO Humla Development Initiative who have been working in the Humla for many years, me, and hopefully Rotary Clubs in Canada.

The goal of the pilot project is to build 4 thermal mass greenhouses in the Khumbu and 3 in the Humla and operate them 8 months over the winter to explore the technical feasibility and social-cultural diffusion aspects of the concept.

If the pilot project proves successful, the goal is to expand the program to many high altitude, remote, poor villages throughout the Nepal Himalayas.

I hope that Canadian Rotary Clubs will elect to partner with me in funding this potentially important pilot project.

For more information about this project and photos of thermal mass greenhouses in Tibet and Ladakh, visit my website:  www.tomwagnergreen.com.

Tom Wagner
Green Building Associates

Certified GreenPoint Rater (2008-079)
Registered Civil Engineer (C19266)
Licensed General Contractor (C563018)
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