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Fifth Annual Microcredit Conference in Calgary
Category: Microcredit | By CMC-2011, 26-Jun-2012 | Viewed 4703  Comments 1
Fran Leggett
On October 13th, the fifth annual Microcredit conference will be held in Calgary. Our district is a leader in this movement and we have many Rotarians dedicated to the concept. Rotary's motto is "Service above self" and this year our theme is "Peace through Service". The promotion of microcredit allows us to put these core values of our organization to work. 

What a better way to serve than to help those less fortunate than ourselves with a hand up by loaning them funds to start their own business. Muhammad Yunus said it best when he said "Poor people are the bonsai people there is nothing wrong with their seed - society never allowed them the space to grow."

As we help people to become more self-sufficient and give them space to grow, we help to promote peace since many of the causes of conflict such as hunger can be alleviated. Please join us on October 13th to learn more about this amazing movement.

District Governor Fran Leggett
Rotary District 5360
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FIdris, 18-Jul-2012
This is great, kindly keep members posted as there should be much more lessons to be shared and learned at the 5th Conference.
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