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Calgary Microcredit Conference 2012
Category: Microcredit | By CMC-2011, 1-Jul-2012 | Viewed 4491  Comments 0
Calgary Microcredit Conference 2012
by Steve Rickard
From the position of Conference Chair, I can say that in 2012 our conference committee looked for prominent speakers who are able to deliver both an informative and diversified microcredit conference program. The happy results are our offering of quality speakers from small to large micro finance institutions who, in turn represent not only off-shore microcredit projects but domestic microcredit as well.

Past conference evaluations have told us to include information about 1) what's new, 2) what's working, and 3) what's not working - including the lessons learned. To this last point, questions often arise about topics like the firing of Dr Yunus as Chairman of the World's most famous microcredit bank (Grameen) by the Bangladeshi Prime Minister - why did that occur? Speakers will address the implications of Government involvement in microcredit programs. 

Under the heading of what is new, it is that microcredit is evolving. Today "Microcredit Plus" involves, beyond the traditional small loans for the poor, the expansion of financial services. An NGO's microcredit program now typically includes Loans as well as Savings, Insurance, & Training. Conference speakers will integrate these new developments into their respective presentations. From the Philippines for instance, we will hear about TeleMedicine, the business of using the camera component of android phones to economically convey an image of certain medical conditions to American doctors who, in turn, offer diagnosis and a care regime.

The funding of Microcredit is evolving as well. Attendees will be offered a breakout session by Rick Grass, the District 5360 Rotary Foundation Chair, who will explain how in a recent funding program for Honduras microcredit, two club grants ($5,000 & $25,000) have been leveraged into $150,000. Rick will address the advantages of working with sustainable micro finance institutions. He will also be addressing the relative ease of using Rotary's new Global Grant electronic application and funding mechanism. There are many other speakers and interesting conference options available for the conference attendee.

We will hear about MEDIC Canada which is a local Rotarian coordinated NGO catering to microcredit needs in Benin, West Africa. The NWFT (Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation - Philippines) has over 100,000 borrowers with interesting innovations. FINCA (Foundation for International Community Assistance) reports nearly 1,000,000 borrowers worldwide.  John Hatch co-founder of FINCA will be available to discuss some of the fun and challenges of world scale microcredit. 

We will have eight breakout sessions on interesting microcredit topics between the keynote speakers at the opening and closing sessions. Questions and answers are contemplated at each session. Also at the conference and included in the admission price of $90 will be a registrants "bag" of informational & promotional items, plus lunch and day long refreshments. Twelve booths will display information and opportunities to become involved in domestic and off- shore projects. The free vehicle parking lot at our Danish Canadian Club venue holds 75 cars.

In summary, on behalf of the many volunteers involved I hope that you will join us on 13 October 2012 at this, our best microcredit conference to date. 266_490841494_4.jpg
Calgary Microcredit Conference 2012
Please make use of our convenient website Calgary Microcredit Conference. to review the features of the conference and register.

Steve Rickard
Conference Chair
Founding President
Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit.
403 815 8300
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