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Rain Water Harvesting - D3170, India
Category: Water | By RotaryGlobal, 14-Jun-2012 | Viewed 5010  Comments 0
Rain Water Harvesting - D3170, India
Due to extreme pressure of life the water table is depleting every day and a lot of water which could otherwise be used gets dirty and becomes unusable when it comes into contact with drain water. In schools we see water being wasted when children drink directly from tap or fill their bottles or wash their hands. Such water when channelized would recharge the water table and be reused. Our project aims to put to use such usable water and give the community a project of permanent nature with almost NIL recurring cost.

The salient features are summarized below

  • The project aims to recharge ground water by diverting water used everyday and rain water in schools.

  • A total of 06 schools are being covered.

  • The project size is around USD $13,300 and project duration is 3 to 4 months.

  • Annually we would recharge around 2 million litres of water annually per school i.e. 12 million litres of water for all the schools taken together.

  • The project shall be handed over to a consultant on a turnkey basis with strict adherence to the time schedule.

  • This is probably the first such project in whole of district.

  • A highly environment friendly project with each and every person of the community benefitting from the project and children of the school would learn to save water.

  • The project is of permanent nature with negligible maintenance cost.

Host Club: Rotary Club of Kolhapur Sunrise
Host District: D-3170/India
Host Club donation: $200
Host District donation (DDF): $3,300
International Club/District donation: $2,000-Club/$2,000
District Total Project Cost: $13,300
Name: Hrushi Keskar

More about Rainwater Harvesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainwater_harvesting

For more information contact George Lewis at waterman6960@yahoo.com

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