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Rotary Everest Trek 2012
Category: Education | By RotaryGlobal, 21-Oct-2011 | Viewed 4946  Comments 0
Rotary Everest Trek 2012
Nepal's people are among the poorest and most undereducated in the world.
Funds Raised from Rotary Everest Trek 2012 will help the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation build a high school in the Solu-Khumbu region.

The need

Help The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) build a school to educate Nepali children - the only school in the region to offer a high school science curriculum. With your help deserving students, regardless of their family's financial resources, can acquire a Gr. 12 diploma and an opportunity for a better life.

The basics

Nepal is one of the poorest and most undereducated countries in the world. Funds raised from Rotary Everest Trek 2012 will help the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation build a high school in the Solu- Khumbu region. The school will be called Zeke O'Connor Community High School and it will be the only school in the region to offer Grades 11-12 science curriculum.

Rotary Everest Trek 2012
The school, which will consist in eleven two-room blocks, will be started in 2010 and is slated to completed in 2015 at a cost of $135,000US. An additional $60,000US will be required for equipment and supplies. Funds will be raised locally in the Phaplu, Sagarmatha area from the Sherpas and from humanitarian sources such as Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation and Rotary Everest Trek 2012. Once complete, the school will serve a student population of 150 student and there will be 8 teachers and 4 other staff. SEHF will oversee the school's construction and operation. The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation is able to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for use in promoting and carrying on the work of the foundation.

About the foundation

After a friendship of several years with Sir Edmund Hillary, accompanying him on trips within Canada and the U.S.A., Mr. W. F. (Zeke) O'Connor was honoured in being invited as the Canadian representative on an expedition to the Mount Everest Base Camp in 1973, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the successful ascent of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund and Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay. Mr. O'Connor has revisited Nepal each year since his first visit in 1973 to the present.

Mr. O'Connor and a number of the Foundation Directors return to Canada each year with a deeper understanding of the many needs of the Sherpa people and a determination to further the efforts of seeking financial aid for the worthy projects underway in the mountain regions of Nepal. Emphasis is on involvement of the local community.

As a result of this groundwork, the totally Canadian The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) began in 1974-75 and received its charter on October 1, 1976, and is registered as a charitable institution with its founder, Mr. O'Connor as President and Sir Edmund Hillary as Executive Vice-President.

The principle aims of the Foundation are:
  • Fully fund and operate the Kunde Hospital in the Khumbu Region of Nepal where an addition has been built and funded entirely by Canadian contributions.
  • To help provide medical assistance in the surrounding areas where health clinics have been built. These new health clinics and schools have been established with funds supplied by the Canadian Foundation and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
  • To provide assistance in the establishment of educational facilities and to promote instructions in methods of sanitation and matters related to health in general. Two volunteer doctors from Canada alternate every two years with two New Zealand sponsored doctors to take charge of the medical programs for the Khumbu area, operating out of the Kunde Hospital.

For more information visit:

To make a donation to this cause:
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