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Learn Grow - grow the best local foods to match their nutritional needs
Category: Food | By RotaryGlobal, 17-Oct-2011 | Viewed 4361  Comments 0
This is a great video from a project called Learn Grow (http://www.learngrow.org/), a project of the Rotary club of Devonport North District 9830. It endorses the concept of locally grown food of high variety and native plant species. If you've watched the Africa Rising documentary (http://rotaryglobal.net/p/blog/159/) you might notice some common ideas on what food to grow and the philosophy behind it. Learn Grow is associated with Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group and with Food Plants International.

"With a global population of over 6.7 billion people and growing daily, the fundamental issue that confronts mankind in the first decade of the 21st century is feeding the human population. Worldwide over 850 million people are chronically hungry due to extreme poverty. Up to two billion people lack food security due to varying degrees of poverty. At a time when mankind reaches for the stars and succeeds with stunning medical breakthroughs we still struggle to provide that most basic of human needs, nutritional food to those most at risk, the children of developing countries.

Without a sustainable solution to this problem, political end economic security will continue to be elusive. The problem is huge and growing"

For more information:
Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group

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