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Allstar lineup of presenters - Calgary 2011
Category: Events | By CMC-2011, 21-Sep-2011 | Viewed 6958  Comments 0
The Calgary Microcredit Conference on October 1, 2011 has attracted some of the great minds and leaders in the microfinance world. Here is a quick overview of this year's presenters.

Merv Chia

Master of Ceremonies
Merv Chia has been an active volunteer for community organizations in Calgary and Winnipeg for over 25 years with a keen interest in international development. He has served as President of the Canadian Red Cross Southern Alberta Region and has been a member of Rotary International. Merv is currently a Red Cross International Delegate assisting Red Cross National Societies in Sierra Leone and Liberia - developing sustainability projects and a learning platform.

Terry Provance

CEO of Oikocredit USA
Terry Provance, was a pastor with a parish in Pittsburgh for five years before becoming the CEO of Oikocredit USA.  He oversees a small efficient staff stationed in Washington which coordinates the movement of millions of USA investment dollars. Terry has traveled extensively throughout the world visiting over 100 countries for peace, economic justice, disarmament and racial equality. He has worked for the National Council of Churches, and the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers). He received a Master of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 1987, and a Master of Arts in Christian Social Ethics from the Pacific School of Religion in 1988.

Rupert Scofield

President and CEO, FINCA International
Rupert Scofield is an agricultural economist with 30 years of experience in the developing countries of Africa, Latin America, Eurasia, and the Greater Middle East. Mr. Scofield co-founded FINCA in 1984 with John Hatch and has served as its President and CEO since 1994. Under his leadership, FINCA has grown from 60,000 clients and a loan portfolio of $5 million to a true global presence serving more than 830,000 low-income women and men across five continents and a loan portfolio of more than $450 million.

Alex Counts

President and CEO of Grameen Foundation
Alex Counts is President and CEO of Grameen Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on enabling the poor to escape poverty, using microfinance and technology. Counts founded Grameen Foundation and became its CEO in 1997, after having worked in microfinance and poverty reduction for 10 years. Since its modest beginnings, sparked by a $6,000 seed grant provided by Grameen Bank founder (and founding Grameen Foundation board member) Professor Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Foundation has grown to a leading international humanitarian organization with an annual budget of approximately $25 million.


Doris Olafsen

Executive Vice President, Opportunity International Canada
Doris's passion is helping impoverished women and men. Her first exposure to the poorest of the poor was on a trip to Cambodia in 2002 with a relief and development organization. A seed was planted that has brought forth not only a commitment and passion to get things done but to engage at a very personal level.


Keith Weaver

Keith Weaver is a member of the Board of Directors of MicroEnsure, a leading international developer of micro insurance and serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee. From September, 2007 until May, 2011, he held the position of Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for MicroEnsure,. In his role he had oversight and development responsibilities for financial and administrative areas covering the five operating subsidiaries (Kenya, Ghana, Philippines, Tanzania and India) plus Head Office.


Michele Fugiel Gartner

Program Manager
Trico Charitable Foundation/Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta

Michele Fugiel Gartner is the Program Manager for Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta and an active participant in the philanthropic and social enterprise sectors in Calgary, AB.  This has included work with the Max Bell Public Policy Training Institute, as a writer for Social Finance.ca, a member of the Innovation Exchange, and as the Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Calgary.

Gordon Crann

Vice President
Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit

Gord Crann is Vice-President of the Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit (RAGM) after serving as RAGM Secretary from March 2010 to June 2011. From 2008 to June 2011, Gord chaired the Rotary District 7070 Microfinance Committee, co-chaired the 2009 Toronto Microfinance Conference and co-chaired the 2010 Toronto Microfinance Gala. He is now Past President of the Toronto International Microfinance Summit.  Gord gave the keynote address on "The Importance of Microfinance in the Developing World" at the Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International Development's 2011 Tribute Dinner. He has made microfinance presentations at the 2010 Uniendo America Rotary Project Fair and the 2011 Victoria Microcredit Conference.

James Louttit

Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit

Jim Louttit became a Rotarian in early 2005 as a founding member and Second Vice-President of the Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise in District 4450.  He left Peru in 2007 to return to Canada and joined Toronto Sunrise in District 7070.  He is a Past President of the Club. Jim is also active at the District 7070 level currently serving as Chair of the Microfinance Committee and a member of their Long Range Planning Committee.  He is also the Vice-President of the Toronto International Microfinance Summit in its third year of operation and is the 2011 Conference Chair. 


Mark Durieux

Co-author, Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies.
President, Insight Research Reporter Inc.

Mark Durieux (Ph. D.) is an applied sociologist whose research, writing, and practical interests are in the sociology of compassion and social entrepreneurship. Mark teaches, consults, and collaborates widely. He is co-author (along with Bob Stebbins) of "Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies" and is President of Insight Research Reporter Inc., a social research enterprise. IRRI is currently developing a website intended to the popularize, dramatize, and democratize social entrepreneurship (www.socialentrepreneurshipforeveryone.com). It is also an important catalyst in two major initiatives related to the Charter for Compassion.

David Lavin

Dan Lavin

Community Initiatives Program Sierra Leone
Dan Lavin has been working in development in Sierra Leone since 1988, starting as a Peace Corps volunteer specializing in fisheries.  His initial responsibility, along with a his counterpart Sullay, was to investigate the failure of inland water aquaculture over the past 25 years, and then taking those findings to develop a new plan. Sullay and Dan put that "new plan" into action until Dan returned to the United States in 1990.

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, C.M., F.C.A,. CFE

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, C.M., F.C.A,. CFE

Rotary International President, 2007-08
Wilfrid J. (Wilf) Wilkinson, a retired chartered accountant was a founding partner of Wilkinson & Company, a public accounting firm.  He is a past-president of the Province of Ontario Public Accountants Council —, and a past Treasurer of both the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. He is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Quebec and was elected a Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants. 

Steven D. Rickard

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, C.M., F.C.A,. CFE
Founding President of Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit
Steve Rickard began his real estate career as a property developer and home builder.  After moving to Calgary in the early 80"s, he purchased a real estate appraisal business, which included work as a property tax agent and a commercial arbitrator.  Steve Rickard is a respected expert in the field of Real Estate valuation.  He received an Honours BA in Urban Geography from McMaster University in 1974 and has since become an Accredited Appraiser, Certified Land Use Planner, Professional Land Economist and a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute and Chartered Arbitrator. 

Erin Pearce

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, C.M., F.C.A,. CFE
Committed to a lifestyle of ethical intention, Erin has complemented her engagement with the field of international development with unique and challenging experiences. While completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria, Erin, just 19 at the time, developed an education intervention project in rural Kenya. The experience ignited her growing passion for the African people and in 2006, Erin developed the 100 Item Challenge in which she challenged North American consumption ideals through committing to only owning one hundred things. Becoming publicly engaged in the field of international development, Erin followed this initiative with another daunting task. In 2008, Erin founded the SEE-THEM-RUN project, and ran 4200km across Africa to aid in education initiatives. 

For more information on the Calgary Microcredit Conference, visit http://mc5360.rotaryglobal.net/
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