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Microfinance Cyclothon - Micro bike 2011
Category: Events | By RAGM, 31-Aug-2011 | Viewed 4591  Comments 1
Microfinance Cyclothon - Micro bike 2011
For the third consecutive year, on October 2nd 2011, the Microfinance Cyclothon (Micro bike 2011), will bring together many organisations and citizens of Laval, Quebec in a fundraiser with the intention of encouraging the entrepreneurs of the Laval community. On this date, hundreds of organizations worldwide are also organizing Micro bike for Micro financing.  SOCLE in partnership with the Rotary Club North Shore are the only organizations to launch this activity in Quebec, an initiative by the city of Laval. Funds raised will give SOCLE means to achieve its mission: to fight against poverty thanks to an innovative community access to credit and allow the transformation of a dream of entrepreneurship into business reality.

Founded in 1999, SOCLE has been operating for over 10 years as a major partner in the social economy and development of micro enterprises of the Laval region. SOCLE is the first step of project financing for those who cannot obtain traditional credit. 
"We created 61 companies, created or maintained 386 jobs and lent more than $510 914 to help business start-ups. We are particularly proud of the survival rate of the businesses that we accompany, which is 75% after five years, while the provincial average is 35%" says Executive Director, Ms. Corine Vanderborght.

How to participate

Simply  come and ride with us on October 2nd at 10am. Please register by contacting Ms. Corine Vaderborght by phone 450-668-1200 or by e-mail corine@socle.org

If you wish to sponsor or if friends, family or colleagues wish to encourage you; the form of fundraising and sponsorship plan can be found on our website: www.socle.org. Our motto: Where many see a risk, SOCLE sees potential and human capital. A strong community and solidarity in the image of its business. 

Cyclothon 2010

Microfinance Cyclothon - Micro bike 2011
From left to right: Ms. Jocelyne Cousineau, SOCLE advisor, Mr. Gilles Aubé, Director General of the Caisse Desjardins of Marigot, Corine Vanderborght, Director General of SOCLE, Mr. Alain Paquet, Ministre of Finance, MP of Laval-des-Rapides, Ms. Carole Poirier, SOCLE advisor, Mr. Gérard Lemire, a founder of SOCLE, Mr. Patrick Poupart, a member of the Rotary Club of Laval and Mr. Abderrahim Izirri, Director Gof the CDR Montréal-Laval

Shoulder to shoulder, the Laval community pedals to encourage the creation of new businesses.
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SDR, 8-Sep-2011
Thanks to Manon Lennon and his friends in Laval we have an excellent example of how Rotarians are working together to end poverty one small loan at a time. As the President of the Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit I wish you well in your third Microcredit Cylothon. I noticed a comment from our webmaster Andy who, in posting this article said he wished he could be there. Please keep our RAGM family informed of your plans and accomplishments. Warmest Rotarian Regards, Steve Rickard.
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