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Winners Rotarian Peace Photo Contest
Category: Social Development | By Hayley, 22-Aug-2011 | Viewed 6008  Comments 0
Winners 2009 - 2010

First Place 2009-2010

First Place - Elvine Skoretz
2009-2010 It's in your hand... This was Rotary International's theme for the Year 2009. In one of her last months of life I witnessed my blind mother-in-law pass her love by the touch of her hand to her son. I could not help but think that this moment represented passing the torch of love. The day my mother-in-law passed away I received the email that this caption had been awarded 1st place.  As is Rotary is Love being passed on. It's in your hand.

First Place 2009-2010

Second Place - Liisa Kleemola
Description: This was taken last year in Belgium during the EuroTour on my Rotary Youth Exchange to Germany D.1800. What an amazing way to meet people from around the world, learn a new language and culture!

First Place 2009-2010

Third Place - David Townsend
Description: Dominican girl with teddy bear and Canadian pin.

Winners 2008 - 2009

First Place 2009-2010

First Place - Andrea Thain
Description: These beautiful, wonderful boys in Rwanda were helping set up for a concert. How can you not see peace and hope in these eyes. Plus I love that one of them is wearing a hockey shirt :-)

First Place 2009-2010

Second Place - Gerry Meding
Description:This picture is of a mother and her children. She had a small store (note the food in the background) in a tent close to a Refugee Centre near the China - India border.

First Place 2009-2010

Third Place - Thomas E Valentine
Description: In this one room school in Kenya, young Maasai children start their education. With a dirt floor and meagre teaching supplies, these children learn basic English, learn about their environment and how they fit in with the rest of the world. Education promotes understanding and world peace.

Winners 2007 - 2008

First Place 2009-2010

First Place - Elvine Skoretz
Description: World Peace.  Could not help but merge these two photos, both taken in Kenya in 2004. The over 400 children of Ringa Kenya were so desperate  in need of classrooms. The message was passed to Rotarians who joined in to meet this need. The cogs in the Rotary wheel are just a puzzle piece waiting to be fitted with someone in need. The directional and mileage sign shows just how far and wide Rotary has reached.

First Place 2009-2010

Second Place - Barbara A. Coney
Description: Promise of Tomorrow - Seek Peace and Pursue It. Psalms 34:14. The dove, representing peace, is invited to earth by a child.

First Place 2009-2010

Third Place - Peter Green
Description: Hands Across The Boarder"" ceremony at a Waterton International Peace Park Assembly. Symbolic of peace and cooperation between nations in spite of occasional political differences.

First Place 2009-2010

Fourth Place - John Thorburn
Description:I have travelled 4 times to the Guatemailan Highlands in Mayan homes. The people of this area were vitims of a horrible civil war that lasted for years and created suspicion and even fear of outsiders. Despite their extremely poor conditions (by our standards) the children reflect the anxieties and also the hope for their future. This little girl was curious but concerned about the ""gringos"" who had entered their village, but she found shelter in the gentle hand of her mother.

First Place 2009-2010

Fifth Place - Joseph Crawford
Description: A young boy and his little sister heading home from school on a Rotary donated bicycle in the village of Ban Non Dang, Buriram, Thailand ( North Eastern Thailand).
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