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Microcredit, Illiteracy Classes and Family Planning in Alexandria
Category: Social Development | By RAGM, 25-Jul-2011 | Viewed 6691  Comments 0 | Original Source
Microcredit, Illiteracy Classes and Family Planning in Alexandria
By Kai Hylla

Alexandria in Egypt: In the various slums of the metropolis in the Nile Delta a lot a people live under the poverty line. Rotary, Rotaract and the Rotarian Action Group for Population Growth and Sustainable Development (RFPD) have been addressing this problem with a comprehensive development project. Since 2001, the Rotaract Club Alexandria Cosmopolitan in Egypt and the Rotaract District 1860 in Germany have been supporting the poorest of the poor women with illiteracy classes, vocational training, family planning and micro credits - very successfully: Over 150 women and their families have sustainably profited from the project so far.

Click this link to see the video: http://vimeo.com/5828353
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