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Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies
Category: Social Development | By CMC-2011, 1-Jul-2011 | Viewed 8778  Comments 0
Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies
Social entrepreneurship is a term which first appeared in the 1980s. At that time, academics and corporate leaders, including Ashoka founder Bill Drayton, began to champion the idea of systematically applying entrepreneurial principles and practices to solving social and environmental problems. Today, harnessing entrepreneurialism in the service of positive change is a widespread social phenomenon.

Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies further encourages and supports the globalization of these ideas. It brings social and environmental responsibility to the transformation of business and the revitalization of civic society at a time when humanity faces its greatest challenges -- and more and more caring people, in response, are seeking opportunities to enter the field and make a difference.

Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies helps any social entrepreneur, whether just setting out or a seasoned veteran, gain the necessary skills needed to change the system and spread the solution, while providing explanations of the most successful business tools being used today. It is a complete reference to the ideas and processes associated with social entrepreneurship, providing a foundation and business plan for those looking to create their own socially oriented business venture.

Topics included in Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies are: recognizing one's calling; the complex context of public compassion; finding one's focus in surveying civil society's many opportunities; the hidden workings of entrepreneurship, community leadership, and team building; harnessing contemporary leisure developments and other major transformative trends; making wise use of networking opportunities as well as mainstream and social media in communicating for social change; planning, growing, and sustaining one's efforts while avoiding the pitfalls of bureaucratic entrenchment; and much, much more.

"Mark Durieux's and Robert Stebbins' excellent Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies confines itself to organizational basics as well as the skills and knowledge needed to enter the field. Potential readers shouldn't be fooled by appearances... in fact, SE for Dummies offers a degree of depth beyond that of the typical introductory text. [It] is clear, concise, and thorough. Durieux/Stebbins present a large amount of material in a way that is manageable, and they are especially good at getting across where the crucial decision points lie." - Paul Spohr, Foundation Center, Philanthropy News Digest, January 22, 2011.

"Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies addresses the most important challenges facing aspiring social entrepreneurs. I don't know of any other how-to guide remotely like it — what a brilliant idea!" — Manuel Rosaldo, Founding Project Manager, Dowser.org .

Mark Durieux
Co-author, "Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies"
President, Insight Research Reporter Inc.
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