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RFFA (Rotarians for Fighting AIDS) saving children one backpack at a time
Category: Education | By RotaryGlobal, 31-May-2011 | Viewed 3759  Comments 0 | Original Source
Orphan Rescue Kit - The O.R.K.
Rotarians for Fighting AIDS: a Rotarian Action Group has been running an invaluable program for at-risk orphans in several countries in Africa. An all-too-common result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, there have been 14 million orphaned children in southern Africa alone since the epidemic began.

Orphan Rescue — A RFFA program designed for Rotarians and the general public to help provide the OVC with an education.  For the sum of $450, a child can obtain education for one year.  The funds go through the RFFA website and are wired to various countries throughout Africa that have a RFFA country team to administer the funds.  The NGO partner determines which children are in need and both organizations distribute aid.  The program has raised $350,000 in five years.

For full information on this program by RFFA, visit http://www.rffa.org/the-ork.php.

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