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Victoria Microcredit Conference
Category: Microcredit | By VMC-2011, 5-Feb-2011 | Viewed 5391  Comments 0 | Original Source
Victoria Microcredit Conference 2011
March 4 - 5, 2011 - Salvation Army Victoria Citadel, Victoria BC
Microcredit empowers those living in poverty to become more self sufficient by granting them small loans to develop businesses. 

Rotary District 5020 will host a Microcredit Conference in Victoria, B.C on March 4/5, 2011. In addition to Rotarians, the conference will attract participants from non-governmental organizations, businesses and the community. Students and youth are encouraged to participate. 

Many people are interested in Microcredit as a way to fight poverty. For us in North America, the question is: is it charity, is it social justice or just an interesting business opportunity? Also is it just for the developing world or can it be applied here at home?

The conference will address these important issues and enable Rotarians and others to become actively engaged in microcredit and to build the network of practitioners and supporters. 

The conference will open on March 4 at 7 p.m. with registration and a keynote speaker. March 5 will be a full day conference with speakers, workshops and a panel discussion. 

-Phil Smith, keynote speaker on Friday, March 4. Phil is author of A Billion Bootstraps
-Joyce Lehman, the Gates Foundation
-Gert van Maanen, Past Executive Director of Oikocredit
-Julio Villalta, Honduras Microcredit
-Damian von Stauffenberg, MicroRate
And representatives from
-Opportunity International,
-Victoria Micro Lending Society
-World Vision
-MEDIC (Mercy Economic Development International Canada Corp.)
-Rotarian Action Group on Microcredit (RAGM)
-Rotary Foundation
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